Expand Your Child’s Learning Opportunities!

River Grove elementary schoolRiver Grove ElementaryRiver Grove is a new K-6, tuition-free public charter school in Marine on St. Croix, MN, just minutes north of Stillwater, MN. River Grove’s community school structure, natural surroundings, and consistently small class sizes create the ideal blend of social, developmental, and academic benefits for your child. Read our latest news here!
  • Our highly educated, experienced, and enthusiastic teachers mean your kids are academically challenged and ready to succeed in their next steps
  • Supportive, small school setting
  • Enriched band and orchestra meets twice per week and starts in 4th grade
  • Extra time at lunch and to play or explore outdoors
  • Natural setting takes learning beyond the classroom
  • Free busing for District 834 residents
Into the Outdoors
Children need a broad variety of learning experiences and settings. Our stunning forest campus gets students out of traditional classrooms, turning our many alternative learning spaces into a springboard for everyday curriculum. [ READ MORE ]
A Small Community School with Experienced and Dedicated Teachers
Our engaged families and community members partner with our exceptional staff to ensure students succeed academically; are supported socially, emotionally, and physically; and learn in a safe and healthy environment. [ READ MORE ]
A Place Where Children Thrive
Our teacher-powered school empowers your child's educators to determine the curriculum and delivery, enabling innovative, responsive, and personalized teaching methods. Why? Because students are happier and more engaged in their own learning! [ READ MORE ]
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