FAQs About River Grove

Grove Elementary: Questions Welcome

What grades does River Grove serve?

  • We are a K-6 school.

How many spots are available in each class?

  • A maximum of 25.

How long is the school day?

  • 8:30am to 3:30pm. We have a slightly longer day than some neighboring elementary schools to allow for longer lunches and extra recess.

Enrollment Now Open!

Is busing available?

  • Yes. River Grove owns and manages its own bus transportation. We currently have four routes that service a wide area from Marine on St Croix down to Bayport, MN. Current legislation requires busing of students within Stillwater District 834 to be provided to students attending River Grove. Students not residing within District 834 may not have busing provided. In order to reduce transit times and increase safety, some areas have centralized hubs rather than house/driveway pick-ups.

Do you have special education services?

  • Yes! We are proud of our special education department! Please contact us with your specific questions.

How is enrollment determined?

  • According to the charter school law of the State of Minnesota (Statute 124E.11), Marine Area Community School must hold a random lottery for the available openings in the school if there are more applicants than openings for each grade level. Applications are accepted during the Open Enrollment period, and all applications received by end of the Open Enrollment period will be equally considered in the random lottery (board-approved enrollment preferences may affect lottery placement). Applications received after Open Enrollment ends will be added at the bottom of the waiting list in the order they are received. The lottery order also determines the order of our waiting lists.

Do enrolled student siblings or children of River Grove: A Marine Area Community School employees have preference in the enrollment process?

  • Siblings and children of River Grove employees have preference in the enrollment process. If a student is currently accepted in River Grove, their sibling will have priority in the class in which they have made an application before the deadline. Any staff member employed with River Grove will have priority for their children after sibling preference.

What is the curriculum philosophy of the school? What are some of the guiding principles the board is following as the curriculum is developed?

  • The learning and assessment program at River Grove/MACS will be teacher-powered, with the teaching team making the ultimate curriculum decisions. Our guiding principles include place-based education, in which students are immersed in the natural resources, history, arts, and civic stewardship of the community.  The curriculum at MACS will align with the Minnesota State Standards; those standards will be used as a basis for instruction while adding depth and complexity to meet the needs of our student population. Our foundational curriculum will be consistent with District 834 to allow for a smooth transition of our students to 834 schools after sixth grade. MACS initially chose to model itself after two schools: Watershed (Fairbanks, AK) and Marine Elementary. As part of the federal Charter School Program start-up grant process, MACS will study three more successful, local charter schools: New Country (Henderson); Nerstrand Elementary (Faribault, Northfield, and Kenyon); and Prairie Creek Community (Castle Rock). MACS has also been looking closely at the teacher-powered, consensus decision-making model at Avalon Charter School in St. Paul.

How can I support MACS financially or otherwise?

  • Thank you! We have our 501(c)3 nonprofit status. To contribute money by check now, please send your check to: Marine Area Community School, PO Box 178, Marine on St Croix, MN 55047. Or, donate online!

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