A Team Structure That’s Designed to Inspire

Teacher Powered School
River Grove elementary school will be teacher-powered! Why? There’s a growing awareness of the value and impact of this type of structure. (Read more here.) Grove’s team will look like this:

The school administrator reports directly to the board and will be responsible for the day-to-day management of the school. The responsibilities of this position include management of the Federal Charter School Program (CSP) Grant, work with the financial services consultant, compliance and reporting, facility management, technology, transportation, marketing/outreach, parent volunteer management, and support teaching team members, including but not limited to organizing and facilitating professional development.

Teacher PoweredThe teaching team reports directly to the board and will have the responsibility to develop, implement, and evaluate the learning program, identify needed professional development, set the school schedule and teacher hours, evaluate colleagues, determine and broaden assessments, and promote positive discipline.

Teacher PoweredThe teaching team and school administrator will share the responsibility to hire according to set staff pattern, nurture and capitalize on leadership and strengths of every member of the school community, and continue to employ colleagues based on their willingness and ability to participate positively in the classroom and the school community. Together they will define performance standards (and a basis for termination of staff, with the exception of the school administrator) based on levels of performance in these areas: planning and preparation, classroom environment, instruction, professional responsibilities. They will determine school-level policy, set the budget, determine compensation, and address issues in direct and respectful ways.

Team WorkThe student advisory provides an opportunity for student leaders to bring suggestions and feedback to the board. They will work cooperatively with the teaching team to inform service learning projects and oversee student evaluation and feedback. The student advisory will be comprised of interested students and be led by a teacher. The parent and community advisory provides feedback to the board regarding satisfaction of the educational program and its implementation. It also informs the board, teaching team, and school administrator of community assets and opportunities that could become part of the learning program.

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