Co-Teaching: A Team Structure That’s Designed to Inspire

Teacher Powered School

River Grove’s teaching structure is being reshaped for 2022-23. Co-teaching is a collaborative way to meet the needs of all students. Our plan for the co-teaching model will encompass a general education teacher and a special education teacher to meet the needs of students within each grade. We will have a special education teacher per grade level, except kindergarten and first grade will share one special education teacher. Teachers will co-prep, co-teach, and co-assess together to understand grade-level standards and expectations to support student growth.

This model allows teachers to build a collaborative model and knowledge to support student success through the co-teaching strategies in the classroom. When teachers work together in a collaborative model, it provides the opportunity for teachers to utilize their expertise and passions to help all students. This allows more exposure and reinforcement for students to apply and generalize their skills to learn and master the content. Our goal is to increase the skills of our students and teachers through a collaborative approach.

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