Speech Pathologist

River Grove: A Marine Area Community School

River Grove: A Marine Area Community School, a charter school in northern Washington County, opened in the 2017-18 school year. The school’s mission is to utilize the natural resources, history, arts, and civic stewardship of the community to create and sustain a student-centered, teacher-designed, and community-supported learning environment.

At River Grove, our community is our curriculum. The school is nestled in natural amenities and part of the St. Croix National Scenic Riverway, supported by a civically engaged, multi-generational community and inspired by local artists, craftsmen and community members, the School provides  its students with a strong foundation for civic engagement, responsible leadership and lifelong learning. River Grove is where academics lead to grounded, resilient children and a stronger, healthier community.

Title: Speech Pathologist, Part-Time

Immediate Supervisor: School Administrator / Special Education Coordinator
FLSA Status: Exempt

Job Summary: Under the direction of the School Administrator / Special Education Coordinator, the Speech Pathologist is responsible for providing direct and indirect services to qualifying students based upon state and federal requirements in the areas of:

  • language, articulation, fluency and voice
  • fine motor coordination and postural adjustments, perceptual motor control, sensory integration and activities of daily living
  • emotional learning skills, relationship skills and decision making
  • support with object control and physical motor skills.

The Speech Pathologist conducts assessments of student needs, interprets informal and standardized measures, and participates in the development of individualized educational program plans for students with eligible needs.

This is a .4 position.

  • Delivers and provides direct and indirect intervention services for students identified by the IEP due process and in accordance with IEP’s and assigned caseload. Plans individualized appropriate lessons, activities, tools and approaches to achieve desired set goals and objectives.
  • Conducts assessments, evaluations and screenings to detect the existence of skill deficits to suspected students having a disability. Administers standardized tests and screening tools to determine the eligibility for services.
    • Determines the best tools for evaluation.
    • Provides written reports of observations, assessment results and recommendations.
    • Identifies children who may meet eligibility as defined by state/federal regulations.
  • Collaborates with other educational professionals and administrators regarding the needs of students, instructional needs, new instructional technologies or approaches to student problems, learning or curriculum.
    • Educates other school personnel regarding disabilities and how they impact educational progress.
    • Provides interventions for teachers, students and parents.
    • Provides indirect services and consultation to students, teachers and parents.
    • Works with teachers to observe and assess situations within the classroom and provide recommendations and assistance in suggesting strategies and interventions.
    • Educates staff regarding specific related disabilities.
    • Assists classroom teachers in developing and implementing classroom adaptations and mainstream interventions.
  • Collects and analyzes data from therapy sessions and evaluations.
  • Performs activities and documentation required for assessments, services, 3rd party billing, IEP, and scheduling in collaboration with case manager.
  • Writes reports and IEP’s as needed to determine and document levels of need and to meet state/federal requirements.
  • Writes periodic progress reports for records, students, parents and teachers.
  • Serves as case manager for students with a primary diagnosis of speech/language impairment (for speech language providers only).
  • Attends IEP Meetings and evaluation meetings with parents and other team members.
  • Collaborates and assists IEP teams in determining the most important goals and objectives for each student.
  • Programs, creates, troubleshoots and/or maintains various tools and/or equipment utilized in assisting student with assistive technology and accommodations outlined in the student IEP.
  • Performs other duties of a comparable level or type, as required.
  • Provides professional expertise and assistance to individuals, other district staff and the community concerning areas of expertise/knowledge.
  • Attends training sessions, conferences, seminars, district and departmental meetings.
  • Keeps abreast of changing developments, trends, instructional and educational technologies.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Degree Information, Degree Emphasis or Major Field of Study

  • Master’s Degree in: Speech Language Pathology, Communication Disorders, or related area preferred

License / Certification Requirements

  • Licensed by the State of Minnesota in Speech Language

Physical Job Requirements: Physical requirements associated with the position can be best summarized as follows:

  • Exerting up to 50 pounds of force occasionally and/or negligible amount of force constantly to lift, carry, push, pull, or otherwise move objects in the performance of the job. Job involves standing and walking for prolonged periods.

Hazardous Working Conditions: 

  • Duties are generally performed in a typical classroom and or resource room setting where there may be some environmental hazards and risks. Employee(s) may be exposed to some disagreeable conditions involving human/student contact, verbal outbursts, physical aggression, exposure to body fluids and the like.

Our mission is to utilize the natural resources, history, arts, and civic stewardship of the community as a foundation for the study of language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, physical education, art, and other curriculum subjects. The place­-based learning environment will be student­ centered, designed by teachers, and reinforced and supported by the local community.

To Apply for this Opportunity

  • Complete the on-line application.
    • Upload a .pdf or .jpg of your license, if possible.
    • Submit a resume in Microsoft Word or .pdf format.
    • Submit a response to the Primary Responsibilities, Knowledge, and Skills Required in Microsoft Word or .pdf format.
      • Include your salary and contract expectations
      • Include your teaching philosophy in 300 or fewer words
  • References will be requested after the initial interview.

Please submit any questions regarding this position description or the Marine Area Community School to dgoodson@marineareaschool.org

Thank you for your interest in this unique and inspirational leadership opportunity!

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