Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee shall be responsible for providing ongoing oversight towards the Human Resources and Professional Development practices at River Grove. The committee will ensure:

  • Each school employee has a clear professional job description and expectations within the Teacher Powered model
  • There is an evaluation cycle that assesses performance related to expectations and delivers actionable feedback in a timely manner
  • There is a clearly defined process for hiring and termination of staff
  • Each employee receives comprehensive coaching and professional support through individual SMART goals and school-wide initiatives
  • A school-wide professional development plan is coordinated and evaluated in connection with the Academic Excellence Committee
  • Creation and completion of a quantifiable, evidence-based, anonymously compiled evaluation of the School Administrator to be shared with the board/board committees
  • Collective feedback from the teaching staff will be considered in making recommendations, and teaching staff on the board will abstain from direct evaluation and decisions regarding administrator compensation
  • Hearing of staff concerns that are unresolved through direct communication between individuals and/or the School Administrator (or that involve the School Administrator directly)
  • Continuous monitoring and review of the Staff Handbook, in coordination with the School Administrator, in order to ensure alignment with growth needs and compliance
  • Recommendations are made to the board regarding salary schedules, potential performance compensation and benefit packages, in coordination of the staff and administrator

The Personnel Committee shall include the Board Chair, Chair-Elect, and a Director who is a River Grove teacher.

No new committee members are being sought at this time.

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