Board of Directors Meeting Materials 2019-2020

River Grove Elementary
DateAgenda (Link to .pdf)Minutes (Link to .pdf)Additional Materials or Notes
2020-08-25AgendaJuly Financial Packet
Call for Board Nominations
2020-08-08AgendaCalendar Revision
2020-07-28AgendaJune 2020 Financials
2020-06-23AgendaMinutesFinancial Packet
2020-05-26AgendaMinutesRiver Grove Bylaws
PPP Loan Resolution
PPP Considerations
Conflict of Interest Form
Class Sizes
2020-04-29AgendaMinutesSite Budget Plan
Septic RFP
Civil RFP
Traffic Analysis RFP
February Financial Packet
March Financial Packet
2020-02-18AgendaMinutesCass Erickson Estimate
MACS 2018 Form 990 Draft 2.14
River Grove January 20 Financial Packet
2020-01-14 MeetingAgendaDRAFT2019_12_MACS Financial Packet
2019 Form 990_Marine Area Community School
2019-12-23_Cass Erickson grant writing estimate
2019-12-11 MeetingAgendaMinutesFinancial Packet
Financial Statements
Executive Audit Summary
Annual Report 2019 Draft
2019-11-19 MeetingAgenda
MinutesFinancial Packet October 2019
Employee Handbook
Public Access to Data Policy - Draft
Annual Report 2018-19 Draft
2019-10-24 WorkshopWorkshop OutlineCombined Notes from Strategic Planning Kick-off
2019-10-24 Regular MeetingBoard Meeting Agenda MinutesAugust 2019 Financial Packet
September 2019 Financial Packet
2019-09-17 AgendaMinutes
2019-08-06 WorkshopAgendaMinutes
2019-07-16 Regular MeetingAgendaMinutesOath of Office
2019-05-21 WorkshopWorkshop AgendaMinutesProposed Budget
2019-05-21 Regular MeetingAgendaMinutesEvaluation Process
Evaluation Tool
April 2019 Financial Packet
2019-04-16AgendaMinutesRiver Grove March 2019 Financial Packet
River Grove January 19 Financial Packet
Marine Charter School Conflict of Interest Form
2019-03-19AgendaMinutesSchool Board Operating Protocol - Draft
Request for Board Action - Draft
Policy Development - Draft
February Financial Packet
Revised Budget - Marine
Call for Board Nominations - Draft
2019-02-23 and 02-26 Community MeetingsAgendaStatement from the Minnesota Guild
Wilder Forest Presentation (Updated)
Wilder Budget
Marine Facilities Presentation
2019-02-19AgendaLetter to Board
Board Workshop
AgendaMinutesMarine Building Presentation
Wilder Facilities Presentation
River Grove Project Proposal
Parent Survey
2019-01-15AgendaMinutes2019-20 School Calendar-MACS 4254-DRAFT

2019-20 Calendar Proposal Narrative

Stillwater 834 Staff Calendar 2019-2020
River Grove December 2018 Financial Packet
January 2019 - Board of Directors Meeting - Administrators Report
DRAFT for Consideration - School Board Operating Protocol
DRAFT for Consideration - Request for Board Action
DRAFT for Consideration - Policy Development
DateAgenda (Link to .pdf)Minutes (Link to .pdf)Additional Materials or Notes

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