2022-23 After School Club Descriptions


River Grove Running Club

  • Leaders: Katie Bruns, Steph Leonard, Jaime Souza
  • When: Tuesdays, Sept. 27 – Oct. 18
  • 3:15-4:30
  • Price: $20

Running club was a big hit last year! The students had fun earning their run club t-shirts by completing a race at the end of the season. This season we’ll work on endurance runs; students will have fun exploring campus on their feet and learning different running techniques and workouts! 

Make sure to add your t-shirt size when signing up.

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Fall Warriors

  • Leader: Alyssa Janilla
  • Dates: 5 Fridays: 9/30, 10/7, 10/28, 11/4, 11/11*
  • Time: 3:15-5:45  (*11/11: Pick-up time = 4:45 due to daylight savings time)
  • Grades: 4-6
  • Cost per student: $160 
  • Location: Campus, trails
  • Pickup Location/Time: Parent pick-up parking lot, 5:45 (*4:45 on 11/11) 
  • Min and Max Numbers: 7-10

Choose your own after school adventure! Possibilities include: exploring the campus and trails, fort building, buckthorn chopping, walking-stick making, hole-digging, tool making, fire building, RC vehicle driving, and more! Ideas, supervision, and materials provided by Ms. Janilla. Practice making group decisions, critical thinking, and kindness. New this year: we will be doing one good deed each meeting. Snacks provided. Please include dietary restrictions. This is a doing club. Be ready to follow directions while hiking and adventuring.

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Compost Crew  

  • Leader: Alyssa Janilla
  • Dates: 4 Thursdays: 10/6, 10/13, 10/27, 11/3 
  • Time: 3:15-4:45
  • Grades: K-6
  • Cost per student: $115
  • Location: Compost bin (“far field” behind Homestead)
  • Pickup Location/Time: Parent pick-up parking lot (guest lot) – 4:45 
  • Min and Max Numbers: 6-12 

Compost Crew! What do we do?  We collect biodegradable material and learn about the decomposition process! Our mission is to fill the bin! Learn about anaerobic vs aerobic decomposition and how composting is good for the planet. Watch material change in the DECOMP-CHAMBER and create your own DECOMP-POD. Experiment by burying organic material and digging it up. Learn what goes in the bin, what doesn’t, and why.  Please bring: water bottle, own snack, and trowel if you have one. Students will be asked to collect biodegradable material at home and bring it to school. This is a learning and doing club. Be ready to follow directions and stay with the group. Please include dietary restrictions – *11/3: Cupcakes served for Ms. Janilla’s birthday! But wait… what is that smell? Could it be… THE PUMPKIN PARTY CRASHERS?

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Dirt City  

  • Leader: Alyssa Janilla
  • Dates: 10/17, 10/18, 10/19
  • Time: 3:15-4:45
  • Grades: K-6
  • Cost per student: $75 for 3 days, $30 for 1 day
  • Location: Dirt City (hiking trail north of Clearing building)  
  • Pickup Location/Time: Parent pick-up parking lot, 4:45 
  • Min and Max Numbers: 8-12

Come dig a giant hole in the woods with Ms. Janilla! How deep can we dig? What will we find?  What will you create in DIRT CITY? Learn about soil science and participate in experiments, or dig and play on your own. Please bring: Own snack, own digger – trowel or shovel that fits your body size and strength. Some shovels provided. Diggers will remain at Dirt City overnight if attending multiple days. Optional: Trucks, cars, buckets – anything you want to play in the dirt with! This is a doing and learning club. Be ready to stay with the group, follow directions, and control your body while digging and playing. Please wear clothes to school that can get dirty, and enough layers to stay warm in the shade. Warning: Your student may get very dirty. In the event of rain, Dirt City will become Mud City. Recommendation: Bring a sheet to sit on for the car ride home, or allow changing time back into school-clothes (parent-supervised)

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