Optional Forms for Incoming Kindergartners for 2020-21

Optional Forms for Kindergartners: Complete as Needed

Contact the school for any other health concerns.

Prescription Medications

For prescription medications to be given at school. Must be signed by a medical professional.


Non-Prescription Pain Reliever

For medications such as Tylenol and Advil. These must be supplied by the parent/guardian.


Asthma Questionnaire and Emergency Care Plan


Authorization for Self-Administration of Asthma Medication


Special Diet Statement


For dietary accommodations such as gluten-free; form must be completed by a medical professional. Updates to this form are required only when a participant’s needs change.

Allergies/anaphylaxis form


Questionnaire and Emergency Care Plan

Immunizations Records

Click here for the form.

If necessary, print and complete this .pdf form. Make sure to sign and date side 2 of this form as appropriate.

Or, instead of entering the dates on this form, your medical professional can fax the records to 651-538-1022.

Or, if you have your student’s immunization records, you may email them to the school.

For students transferring from another school, immunization records should be forwarded from your former school.

General Health Form

Click here for the form.

Kids needing medication administered at school and all incoming Kindergarten students need the form completed with a physician’s signature. The form is recommended for others, but not required.

Click on the arrow to the right of the form title to read more or for a link to an individual form.

Instructions for .pdf Forms

For all .pdf  forms, please print, complete, and send to River Grove:

  • Mail or deliver to: River Grove Forms, 14189 Ostlund Tr N, Marine on St. Croix, MN 55047
  • Or, scan and email to: admin@marineareaschool.org
  • Or, fax to: 651-538-1022

Complete a separate form for each student.

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  • Family Forms
    • Required (complete one copy of each form per family, even if you have just one student in the school)
    • Optional (complete one form per family as needed)

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