Optional Forms for Kindergartners

Optional Kindergarten Student Forms (Individual Forms):
2021-22 Forms

Contact the school for any other health concerns.

Prescription Medications

For prescription medications to be given at school. Must be signed by a medical professional.

This form must be updated annually.

2021-22 Form

Non-Prescription Pain Reliever

For medications such as Tylenol and Advil. All medications must be supplied by the parent/guardian.

2021-22 Form

Asthma Questionnaire and Emergency Care Plan
Authorization for Self-Administration of Asthma Medication
Special Diet Statement

For dietary accommodations such as gluten-free; form must be completed by a medical professional.

Updates to this form are required only when a participant’s needs change.


Allergies/anaphylaxis form

Questionnaire and Emergency Care Plan for Allergies and Anaphylaxis

2021-22 Form

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How to Turn in Completed .pdf Forms
  • Print, sign, and send or deliver to River Grove Forms, 14189 Ostlund Trial North, Marine on St. Croix, MN 55047
  • Complete then save with a new file name and email to forms@marineareaschool.org
  • Print, scan, and email to forms@marineareaschool.org
  • Fax to: 651-538-1022

Online interactive forms are sent automatically to River Grove. You do not need to print them.

Quick Links to More Forms

Select the sections that apply to your students/family. Please complete the online forms on a computer, not a smartphone.

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