Required Family Forms

  • Complete one set of forms per family. This set includes:
    • Transportation Needs
    • Parent/Guardian Participation and School Support Pledge for 2020-21
    • Parent-Student Handbook Notice

Instructions for Multi-Part Forms

  • All parts are required.
  • All parts of this on-line form will automatically be sent to River Grove.
  • Complete these forms on a computer, not a smartphone.
  • You can save the form and complete it later.
  • Click the arrow to the right of each section title to expand/collapse a section.
  • An asterisk indicates a required field.

Jump to Other Form Sections

Select the sections that apply to your students/family

  • Kindergarten Forms
  • Grades 1-6 Forms
  • Family Forms
    • Required (complete one copy of each form per family, even if you have just one student in the school)
    • Optional (complete one form per family as needed)

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