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Grove PTOGrove Parent-Teacher Group Brainstorming Meeting • Thursday June 29, 2017

The next PTO meeting will be on Thursday, July 20, 6:00, with MACS Board Member Lisa Dochniak facilitating a “Meet the PTO Board Candidates” meeting. The meeting will be at 14189 Ostlund Trail North, Marine on St Croix, MN 55047.

If you are a parent or guardian of an enrolled student, and are interested in being on the Grove PTO Board, please check your email for a helpful survey.

NOTE: You do not need to be on the board to be involved in the PTO nor to attend the meetings, which are open to all.

Thank you to all who navigated through this process of blazing a new trail for the parent group forming as a result of our new school. Below are categories that were up for discussion, potential talking points, and notes pertaining to plans/ideas moving forward. (Note text coding)

Name and structure of the parent group
  • Separate fundraising “arm” using MSA’s nonprofit status or just part of Grove, using its nonprofit status? Potential for using the MSA’s non-profit status since it was a chore to obtain and add “doing business as” Grove Elementary
  • Bylaws Will be discussed once board is selected later in July (See below for details)
Role of the parent group: What does the teaching team want/need? What do the parents want for the kids?
  • Fundraising, Volunteering (extracurricular and intracurricular) Raise funds to ensure the Mission and Vision of the school is realized. M&V includes focus on History, Community/ Social Awareness, Nature, Environment, The Arts: Music, Art, Drama, Civic Engagement,
  • Activities and events to provide/ enhance learning experiences and build and promote community:
    • Classroom Involvement: Housekeeping/ Organization (ie.Folder stuffing), support classroom events, support student learning
    • Intentional Activities to build community (some with fundraising component)
    • Communication of opportunities within the school (Volunteer Survey based on needs in the school with “database” for access to those interested when events arise; newsletter; website
    • Inclusion: Desirable activities based on needs and desires of current families
    • Fund with purpose: Artist/ Author in Residence, Outdoor education activities
    • Book fairs, field trips, supplies, specialists, library needs?
Traditions: Old and New!
  • Outdoor Adventures, Winter Warm-up Challenge, Polar Express, Square Dance, Halloween festivities, Square Dance*, Trollhaugen Day*, Skate Night, Movie Night, Board Game Night, BINGO, Back to School Night (*Request to schedule these events was approved)
  • Fundraisers: Book Fair^, Grant Writing (not reliable source of funds), Music Festival**, Direct Appeal (Grove Board has an appeal in place for immediate needs within the buildings) Color Run, Pancake Breakfast (quarterly)+, Silent Auction, Matching Funds from clothing sales and perhaps restaurants, Bake Sale, Carnival
  • (Code: ^ Has this been arranged? ** In the inquiry phase + Already in motion)
Parent Group Board:
  • What will board do?
    • Manage parent group year calendar: Begin to place events on calendar at first meeting to account for even spread of fundraising and other school events
    • Communication (announcing events, etc): Marketing, Branding down the line
    • What else?
  • Structure: Board consisting of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Staff Member, Committee Chairs (Events, Fundraising, School Support, Volunteer Coordinator)
  • Interested parents: All parents with registered students will be included in communication regarding upcoming election, and communication is forthcoming with position descriptions and process for nomination and voting. (See below for Timeline)
  • Leads and volunteers:
    • Events: Anything that impacts the school community before, during, or after the school day
    • Fundraising: Opportunities to provide additional resources to the school beyond the budget
    • School Support: Support Teacher load including classroom tasks and working with students (Room Parent to coordinate)
    • Volunteer Coordinator: Survey parents/grandparents/ community in an effort to fill all possible volunteer spots over the course of the year within classroom, at school-wide events, academic support,
Immediate needs:
  • Summer and Fall fundraisers, events:
    • Pancake Breakfast (Bre and Lauren) July 22 @ Sal’s in Withrow
    • “August Festival” @ Sal’s in Withrow (Bre and Lauren) August 12– Volunteers needed
    • Parade participation Lumberjack Days: Lisa D.
    • Music Festival options (Angela, Donovan & Katie)
    • Back to School nights (August 22 & 24) Coordinate with Teachers
Financial report from MSA: What has MSA/WEA committed to so far?
  • Specifics were not discussed. There is an immediate need to commit to at least partial funding of Band & Orchestra (estimated $20,000) for grades 4, 5, and 6. As this is not a lump sum payment, the feeling within the room was to move forward with commitment to the program noting the potential for funds coming from student fees, school budget, and parent group.
  • July 7 Drew Goodson (School Admin) Post Position description on website/ facebook/direct email
  • July 14 Survey of Interest in Board and Committees sent electronically via website/facebook/direct email
  • July 20 Lisa Dochniak (Board member) facilitate Meet Candidates @ Grove 6:00
  • July 21-25 Vote electronically (in person option will be made available as needed)
  • July 27 First official Board meeting 6:00

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