Policies and Procedures

2019-20 Parent-Student Handbook and Acknowledgement Form

  • 2019-20 Parent-Student Handbook
    • It is ok to read this on-line; you do not need to print the handbook
  • Acknowledgement Form (required, 1 per family)
    • Please read the Handbook, print the Acknowledgement Form, sign it, and return the signed form to your child’s teacher.
    • Hard copies are also available in the River Grove office

  • ATTENDANCE: Please email or call 651-409-3122 by 10:00 am if your child is sick, late, or absent for any reason. Send changes to attendance@marineareaschool.org and your child’s teacher (click here for the contact list).
  • DAILY DISMISSAL CHANGES: We have a big campus, and keeping your kids safe is our top priority. Please contact the office with any dismissal changes (e.g., you will be picking up instead of your student taking the bus). Call 651-409-3122 or email
    attendance@marineareaschool.org by NOON (except for emergencies).
  • SCHOOL DAY: 8:30 to 3:30. Classrooms are open at 8:15. Students arriving after 8:30 will be considered tardy.
    • Mondays and Wednesdays are PE; gym shoes are required.
    • Tuesdays and Fridays are music with the Zephyr Theatre.
    • Band and orchestra meet on Tuesdays and Wednesdays (for participating 4th, 5th, and 6th graders).
    • Thursdays are art and library.
    • Parents and guests should always use the “Guest” parking lot for parking and student pick-up/drop-off. Do not park/unload on the road or the service road (unless you require handicap accessibility).
    • Please walk your child to the classroom if they are drop-off.
    • Never drive around parked school buses waiting for students to load and unload.
    • The road next to the “Guest” parking area is shared with the Minnesota Food Association. Do not block traffic: If you are waiting in the parent pick-up line, pull to the side of the road, and avoid partially pulling into the parking lot (leave space for cars to pass).
    • At the end of the day, kids are brought out to the “Guest” parking lot at 3:30 — staff will be with your student and you can just pull your car up. (Follow the line of cars.)
  • LUNCH: Please place your lunch orders on the order form by Tuesdays at noon, unless otherwise noted. Emails are sent out with the lunch form, or click here. Ordering a lunch online does not trigger a charge. Except in the case of gluten-free lunches, your account is charged only if your student actually takes a lunch on the day-of.
  • LUNCH MONEY: We can accept cash or check for lunch accounts. Please send with your child, mail us, or stop in the office. If you would like to pay with a credit card and need your account log-in information, please contact the office. Deposits made to your child’s lunch account act like a bank account; when your child actually takes a lunch, his account will be charged.
  • COLD WEATHER POLICY: River Grove is an environmentally aware school. It is important that students are appropriately prepared for all weather conditions. Warm coats, hats, gloves, boots, snow pants, and rain gear are necessities as students will be outside in all weather conditions.
    •    If the temperature is 32 degrees F or below, a winter coat, hat or hood, and gloves or mittens are required.
    •    Snowpants and boots are required when any snow is present, even a trace.
    •    When the wind chill falls between 0 and -10 degrees F, recess may be abbreviated at the discretion of the staff.
    •    Students will not go outside for recess or gym classes when cold weather conditions reach 0 degrees F and/or a wind chill of -10 degrees F.
  • OLDFIELD ROAD: Please do not use Oldfield Road north of Hwy 7 to Ostlund Trail N. This road is not an approved route for River Grove traffic, and usage may affect our Conditional Use Permit.
  • PLEASE RETURN LIBRARY BOOKS in good condition so everyone can enjoy them. If a book is lost or severely damaged, we ask for a $5 replacement fee. Contact Marcy Ost with any questions about library books (most@marineareaschool.org).
  • NO OPEN-TOED SHOES, PLEASE: A reminder that closed-toed shoes MUST be worn at all times. The students play outside where there are sticks, rocks, and other things that could potentially injure little feet. No sandals please!
  • NO DOGS ON CAMPUS: Please do not bring dogs on campus (with the exception of certified service dogs). Thank you for your understanding.
  • WE ARE A SCHOOL ZONE! We may not have the signs, but we are still a school zone. Drive carefully and obey the traffic signs.
    •    Only delivery, emergency, and handicap-authorized vehicles are allowed on our service roads.
    •    Please drive slowly on campus and on area roads.
    •    Watch for kids walking and biking!
  • STAY IN TOUCH: If you are a parent or a guardian, you can join our Facebook Parents’ Group! Go here to join this closed group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/425619091158342/
  • SCHOOL CALENDAR: Please check here for calendar items: http://www.marineareaschool.org/studentfamily-info/river-grove-calendar/
  • TEACHER CONTACT INFO: http://www.marineareaschool.org/about/contact/

LOST AND FOUND: Located in the Commons (cafeteria).

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