Update 3/25/20

Dear River Grove Families, Staff, and Community

Important Update 3/25/20

Today, the Governor Tim Walz announced that Minnesota schools will implement distance learning starting Monday, March 30 to Thursday, April 30. At this time, on-campus classes are scheduled to resume on Tuesday, May 5. (May 1 and May 4 will be staff-only days on campus.)

Distance Learning Status
  • River Grove will email and post its “Distance Learning Handbook” by Thursday evening, March 26.
  • Teachers will communicate lessons to families no later than Monday, March 30 at 8:00am
Picking Up Distance Learning Materials and Borrowing Chromebooks — SEE CHANGES IN RED
  • Pickup for distance learning materials will be in the Commons building:
    • Thursday, March 26, 3:00 to 6:00pm
    • Friday, March 27, 8:00am to 12:00pm
    • Saturday CANCELLED Because of new restrictions put into place by Governor Walz, the Saturday pickup has been cancelled.
    • If you unable to come to either pickup time, please contact us for different arrangements.
  • Please follow these instructions to help us maintain the MDE and CDC guidelines for social distancing:
    • Park in the “Guest” (parent pick-up) parking lot.
    • Please check in with the staff in the Commons.
    • Enter by the front door.
    • Only one family will be in the Commons at a time. If more than one family is present, we will ask you to wait outside by the front door and space your groups 6 feet apart.
    • Each teacher will have a designated table for student packets and Chromebooks. Find your materials. If you borrow a Chromebook, make sure to tell the staff.
    • Leave by the deck door.
Childcare Reminder
  • Childcare will continue to be located on the River Grove campus in partnership with the YMCA. The list of those essential to the COVID-19 expanded. If you are an “Emergency Worker in Tier I under the Executive Order” who needs childcare, please let us know.
  • We will ask all parents to provide a letter from his/her employer.
    If we are able to do so while adhering to the Minnesota Department of Health’s social distancing guidelines, we will try to accommodate the children of Tier 2 employees.
  • Childcare links:

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